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    About UDMTEK

    UDMTEK will put on emphasis on developing next generation of virtual manufacturing as well as on employing it practically


    • What is UDM Solution?
      UDM Solution is developed for virtual validation & verification of time consuming ...
    • DPS
      3D based product modeling for virtual prototyping and virtual validation & verification
    • IO Maker
      Standard I/O symbol based PLC controlled automation: other S/W (i.e., EPLAN Macro)
    • PLC Studio
      An useful and powerful validation tool in connection with PLC emulators
    • Process Optra
      Industry process specific fault detection & classification

    UDMT R&D Center

    Center Overview
    UDMTEK Corporation was established in 2007 from UDM (unified digital manufacturing) laboratory...
    Research & patent
    Proposed in this paper is the architecture of a PLC programming environment that enables a visual...
    Digital Manufacturing Tech
    Virtual Factory Plant is a computerized model which integrates three manufacturing components,...

    Route Map About UDMTEK Recruit
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