FBMTP Tool -- Product Information
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FBMTP can accurately detect and isolate the faults and behavioural anomalies associated with PLC controlled manufacturing systems.
FBMTP is significantly fast – can process more than 100K log data records per second, and can easily execute within a small memory footprint.
It can easily deal with the large-sized manufacturing systems.
It can also efficiently handle large-scale datasets.
FBMTP provides an easy understandable graphical representation of the control process behaviour.
It just makes the fault/error locating task much easier, simpler and faster.

The detailed experimental results for a case study (performed on a virtual manufacturing system) can be found in: the DOCX file (Link 1) or the PDF file (Link 2).

All the images used in the the above file can be downloaded from: Link 3.

Link1:  (or the attached file Experimental-Results.docx)
Link2:  (or the attached file Experimental-Results.pdf)
Link3:  (or the attached f

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