UDMTEK Corporation was
was establishin 2007 from UDM(Unified Digital Manufacturing) laboratory at the division of industrial & information Systems engineering,
Ajou university. The company focused on research & development of next generation simulation areas.
PLC Studio ® was development for validating control programs of machine or manufacturing systems virtually.
Focus are given to reduce time and efforts drastically by synchronizing control program establishing with validating control program commissioning.
Completely could be validated control logics under all possible conditions specially under abnormal conditions.
PLC Studio ® could be extended to a general purposed training tool as well as a collaborative virtual commissioning platform.
In addition to graphical representation, any specific process characteristics could be represented by providing modular configurable modeling tool.

We developed a new concept for the digital simulation technologies which can be applied variously to a PLC controlled equipment systems
such as automotive, display, electronics, steel, and plant industries with the following core technologies..
Virtual Manufacturing I/O Simulator
Virtual Manufacturing 3D Graphic Simulator
Design Verification Simulator
PLC code testing and modeling
Alarm method using PLC signal pattern
3D Virtual equipment and digital simulation
Equipment information standardization library building and DB management
Process Master management, reproduction simulation, detailed analysis using modification of on-site PLC log,
1405~1408, Ace Gwanggyo Tower 2, 91, Changnyong-daero 256beon-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 162229
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