Automotive Industry
Without real operation of a production line, production runs are pre-verified
under virtual environment.
Time and Cost could be saved without real operation test
Real Plant
(On Line)
 Risk exists due to real commissioning
 Problems occur when you modifiy the PLC program
 Energy consumption by real operation test
 Impossible for testing all abnormal codes
 Cost and effort are occurred by on-line production run test
Virtual Plant
(Off Line)
 NO risk by virtual commissioning
 Easy and quick modification
 No energy consumption by virtual commissioning
 Possible for testing all abnormal codes
 Cost and efforts are saved by virtual production run test
Semicon / Display
The expression of continuous processes such as blast furnace facilities and
coke facilities of semiconductor piping, temperature, concentration,
The concept of continuous events that reflect various field conditions such as
Increase realistic expression.
Detail machine control & operation could be validated
based on virtual machine.
 Logical Model : PLC Controlled Logical behaviors
 Graphic Model : 3D visualization of machine operation
 Conveyor Model : LCD specific conveyor for washing process
 Plumbing Model : Liquid circulation, temperature up and down,
           and liquid density status
Shipbuilding Industry
Simulation-based ship and offshore plant production technologies are used
in the traditional shipbuilding marine By combining simulation technology,
we can develop reliable production / drying ability, new drying method
development and It contributes to enhance the competitiveness
of shipbuilding and marine production technology through verification,
productivity improvement and shortening of the air.
Process planning system  Realistic Process SIMULATOR
 Schedule verification
 Lead time verification
 Conflit verification
 Bottleneck verification
 Support analysis / design / alternatives for total production management system
Providing a virtual manufacturing platform utilizing AR / VR technology to create new value
Provide industry and educational content based on physical systems
HILS-based productivity enhancement technology linked
   with control characteristics

 HILS-based productivity enhancement technology linked with control characteristics
 Complement fixes to fixtures
 HILS (Hardware-in-the Loop Simulator)
Training System for Industrial Process Training
 3D content creation technology simulating specific process
 Analysis of effect of unit process / unit technology on whole production process
 Acquire expertise in work instruction and understanding of work in the
 manufacturing process
Other Industry
Steel Mill · Atom ic Energy · Other
Steel Mill
 Virtual Plant construction based on real machine
 Real control code is directly connected virtual machines
 Effective operator training using virtual plant
 Safe commissioning using virtual plant
 Low energy consumption by virtual commissioning
Atom ic Energy
 HILS based design & operation validation
 Nuclear Machine Construction & commissioning
 time reduction
 Knowledge based design process
 The importance of simulation is getting higher
 not only on the general manufacturing system,
 but also logistics, transportation, aircraft,
 architecture and so on.
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