What is UDM Solution?
What is UDM(Unified Digital Manufacturing) Solution?
UDM Solution is developed for virtual validation & verification of time consuming jobs occurred from design to production and maintenance
phase in order to reduce time and cost by providing realistic virtual validation & verification platform.
UDM Solution is developed as a practical & applicable smart factory solution occurred at the phases of control I-O design, commissioning, operation, and
maintenance in order to reduce time, cost, and efforts by providing realistic virtual platform.
UDM Solution consists of control I-O design, virtual commissioning, process operation tracking, profiling, and analyzing.

I/O maker

Standard control IO design, Auto Generation of PLC I/O map; HMI Standardization & Auto Mapping;
PLC Program & HMI Auto Inspection Review, Validating IO points, Ladder view for physical IO

PLC Studio

3D virtual Factory with Mechanical and Electrical Model; Control Validation; Process Analysis and Pre-Testing under virtual environment,;
Reducing time, cost, and efforts by virtual verification of control logics; Decrease ramp-up time


DPLC program interpretation, IO signal gathering, Control pattern based monitoring, reproduction,
Abnormal analysis & diagnosis, Silent stop identification, Tracking and identifying cause & effects; Micro-tracking accurate cycle, idle, and run Time


Equipment performance improvement and loss minimization, Micro-analysis of cycle time, Visualizing &
tracking micro-control history, Validation of control operation, High speed control log data gathering & analysis


Control logics interpretation, Control segment within (or between) pattern analysis, Abnormal detection,
Clustering, Identification, and Estimation of component life cycle by deep learning
UDM Solution could provide industry specific solution through control I-O designing, virtual commissioning, process profiling,
and analyzing in the areas of automobile, display, electronics, and PLC controlled manufacturing systems.

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