Process Optra
Tracker Module
3D based product modeling for virtual prototyping and virtual validation & verification
Automotives, plant, electronics, and automation machinery
3D Model based virtual prototyping considering key product characteristics
Reducing time, cost, and efforts during development periods
Easy interface to dynamic simulation for prototyping
Effective 3D visualization for assembling and disassembling
3D design data (CATIA V5, JT, Parasolid, Pro-E, NX, SolidWorks etc.)
Modeling validation & verification procedure
2010/01 : Prototyping, validation & verification of assembling & disassembling
FJVPS(Fujitsu Virtual Product Simulator) is utilized for medical machinery, printer, automation machinery,
machining equipments, and various industrial automation
Optimizer Module
Control log tracing and replaying production run
Detect a problem and optimize production run by tracing control LOG
Automotive, Power train, LCD/Semiconductor, Plant, and Automation lines
Production run could be reviewed, monitored, optimized in terms of time, work-in-process, balance, and cycle time
Problem and troubles shooting by tracing past control LOG data
Evaluation of Alternative Process Run
LOG DATA Gathering
UDMTEK Process Tracker
2012/06 : Kia Automotive Hwa-Sung Factory
2012/11 : Hyundai Motors Ulsan Factory
Tracker Module
Effective Classification of Normal Process Pattern
Quick Detection of Abnormal Process Pattern
Adaptive to Process Change
Quick Response to Abnormal Operations
Adaptive Monitoring System
Quick Response to Problem by Adaptive Fault Detection & Classification
Accurate Detection and Classification of Hidden Errors
Quick identification of fault cause & effects
Quick response to line stop
Optimizer Module
Accurate control process design considering past production history
Operation control review and visualization tracing historical control LOG
Evaluation of Alternative Process Run
Detecting bottleneck, line balancing, and trouble identification
Production run review and optimization : cycle Time improving and improving operation run
Operation control review at Design
Control Layout design and cycle time analysis
Process control validation
Operation run control review at Production phase
Bottle Neck detection and line balancing
Cycle Time optimization
Accurate Design of Control Line
Layout Configuration using past control LOG DATA
Accurate Cycle time estimation
Historical Production Run Review and Visualization
Cycle Time Optimization
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